Be Kind,
Or Else...

That's the motto at Violent Hippie Academy! The environment here is very friendly and welcoming, but make no mistake, our team is made up of and led by champions who encourage and push each other to become the best martial artists we can be! If you're looking to learn new skills, get in better shape, gain confidence and meet great people, then sign up and become a member of Team Violent Hippie today!

Our Professors

Mitch Aguiar
BJJ Black Belt
Pro MMA Fighter
10x Champion
Former Navy SEAL
Will Loushin
Head No-Gi Professor
BJJ Black Belt 1st Degree
Multiple time World Champion in BJJ
Pro MMA Fighter
Former Marine Scout Sniper
Warren Weatherford
Head Gi Professor
BJJ Black Belt
Coast Guard Veteran
Chuck Martinez
MMA/Striking Coach
MMA - Muay Thai Kru
Bellator World Champion Coach
BJJ Purple Belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We offer both Gi and No Gi classes Monday-Friday with an open mat every Saturday. No experience? No problem! All new members can recieve a free private lesson to ensure you understand the basic fundamentals of BJJ before jumping into a class. Just make sure to let us know if you'd like to take advantage of this. Every Thursday we host our "Fight Night" which is open (FREE) to non-members to participate in live rolls with our members.



MMA & Striking

Come train with "Coach Chuck". Coach Chuck will teach you a well-rounded approach to striking using a blend of tools from Muay Thai, Kickboxing and boxing to create an all encompassing striking style applicable to modern day MMA. Every Thursday we host our "Fight Night" which is open (FREE) to non-members to participate in live sparring sessions with our members.

Gym + Hot & Cold Therapy

All memberships include full access to our gym as well as our state of the art Cold Plunge "ice bath" as well as an infared sauna.